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Christianity today pastoral candidating

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Their chances for a successful marriage, however, depend on the of their courtship.

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[ VIEW AS PDF ] The process of becoming pastor to a congregation is similar to the steps leading up to marriage.

They may either conduct a self-analysis or use an outside resource to help them develop their profile.

Reviewing a copy of a self-study can expand a prospective candidate’s understanding, and a consultant’s report can provide additional objective data.

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As subsequent conversations deepen knowledge and understanding of one another, they reach the after the official candidating visit.The types of material useful for becoming acquainted include the following: What is this church’s reason for existing? Have they intentionally thought about ministry direction?A marriage between church and pastor is hard to envision if the congregation is unable to articulate its own goals and objectives.An early reading on the climate of the church is sometimes possible through these documents.Most congregations include a historical sketch in the packet of materials sent to pastoral prospects.Congregations rarely experience tension over major doctrines, but battle lines have been drawn over the role of women, the relevancy of charismatic gifts, having divorced persons in leadership, and a number of social justice issues.If the materials from a church do not include statements about such items, requesting them is most appropriate.A rocky dating relationship is seldom followed by a stable marriage, but a courtship characterized by honesty and discovery usually results in a healthy, long-term commitment.The making of a strong ministry marriage likewise requires relational wisdom.The history gives the chronological overview of how the church became what it is today.Information selected for inclusion in the history provides insight into what the members prize most highly. Since most churches will query candidates on their management of personal finances, requesting a ten-year financial overview is fair turnabout on the minister’s part.


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  3. Gospel-shaped pastoral care. AT580 Candidating and Transitioning into Ministry. the communication of Christian truth in today’s world,

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