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Hailey choose her name because it means "beautiful, young girl" according to the newer Flicka movies (I think she hit it right on!! We receive compliments on her often and Hailey is so proud to own her own special horse, she is learning so much with her too!!I have shown her in one show so far this year and she placed in Halter, Showmanship and one Western Pleasure class as well as Leadline with Hailey.Just wanted to let you know Mr Perfect has been perfect. Great with all the water crossings, steep trails, downed trees and rough terrain. I can't begin to tell how blessed I have been to be able to ride some of your amazing horses, such as Gunner and Trigger, in the Lost Dutchhman Days rodeo and the Roots N Boots Rodeo. They sure loved all the attention from the little girls and boys as well!

Beamer has a good home here plenty of good New England hay, water, and pasture.I rode into the bowl in a bright spotlight, at a walk tipping my hat as Buffalo Bill Cody (see attached photos of me and Gunsmoke, taken in his coral backstage--yes I'm wearing a wig), did a quick single spin around and out. Although, he is learning to walk-out better every day.Then when I returned to the bowl a few minutes later for my second appearance, I had the horse stand still (which he did most of the time), while I palavered in sign language with an Indian way up on a hillside, then when the Indian raised a tomahawk as a sign of war, I spurred Gunsmoke into a gallop and we skedaddled out of the bowl, to the astonished audience to see a horse run so fast and so near to them (I was only about three feet in front of the first row) Thanks again for helping me find himand thank Bob as well. Nothing seems to really bother him, and in fact.... Hopefully, the two of us will have many, many years..exploring the trails together. Formerly known as Magic and Cupid - now Mellow and Sundance :) I love Charm, thank you for finding her. I love her so much I cant even tell you how much I love her.The grand children are all over him and he loves it. Thank you very much Candy is everything you said she was and then some!I can see her and I going far and I'm so happy you found her!I could not be happier with her and couldn't have found a more perfect horse to grow and learn with.We have done and learned so much in the past year, we've taken many trail rides, started Western Pleasure training and even went to our first sorting event last weekend! He was an extremely well mannered and gentle 3 year old gelding that stole my heart.Whiskey is now HOKU (star in Hawaii) and full name Hokulani (Heavenly Star) He is such a good boy, so patient and willing..LOVE him!! We work in the round pen then go in the arena and around the property. He's not yet competing in barrels, but will be very soon and likely keep up his winning streak once I get his times consistent. You can not realize how happy I am with Beamer he is the best head horse I have rode in a long time.Hopefully I'll get you some photos at some point for your testimonials page. He is fun to trail ride or go to a roping just a great horse to be around.This horse was a hit with the rest of the cast and crew. I am getting ready to take off to Monument Valley to camp for a week with friends. Many people comment on how pretty and well put together he is, and boy is he ever!! Thank-you Sherry for the truly super gentle horses. We have started doing barrels together and she has done great so far. She is the best horse I could ever hope for and we will be together forever!He's quite a character and loves the attention they were giving him. We went on a cool trail ride yesterday on state land near my house. I don't think I can thank you enough for all that you have done for me!


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