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Like it or not but chatbots are coming and for good.

If banks replace human based chat system to bot based, they will not only effectively reduce cost but also human error in responses they give.And to support new inquiries bank don’t need to update app and as bot will reside inside Skype or similar channels (Facebook messenger, Slack, Kik, SMS etc) they don’t need to worry about the UI/UX part, neither they need to manage user sessions, once account is linked to a Skype or Facebook account then user can make inquiry without authenticating again and again.FAQs and Search: Let’s face it, it is really hard for user to find answers to most of their FAQs due to nature of website search and most of the time banking app lacking FAQ section. User can simply type a question and developer just need to configure FAQ backend to the bot’s search module, and that’s it. Not only user get answers to their problem right away, bank also get to see every request that comes in and if there are good enough request for a question and there is no relevant section in FAQ then bank can easily add relevant answers.User can ask for daily account balance to be received as message in their choice of messenger.Same way any important message like low balance alert, debit alert, credit card payment alert, pin requests, all these can be done through chatbots.This can be replaced with easy to follow chatbot messages as we discussed earlier in this article.User just send simple message “Send 2000 bucks to Joe” and that’s all it takes.Let’s say on every month, user checks whether salary is credit or not.For this simple inquiry user needs to login into app, navigate through few screens to see last credit transactions and logout.Also user have chat history where he can see previous responses making it easier to find information when needed.Content Delivery channel: Banks can use chat bot as an effective content delivery channel.


  1. Nov 21, 2016. There are still quite a few kinks to work out, but most do one or two tasks really well and other tasks ok. Facebook bots are somewhat hidden to the naked eye unless you know what to look for or go digging. So I decided to find a few that will make your life easier for different tasks. To begin chatting go to the.

  2. Jun 15, 2016. Tagged as Chatbot. Like it or not but chatbots are coming and for good. They will automate or at least reduce many of our day to day work. Banking is one of them. Just how apps reduce our effort, bots are going to make the technology disappear from our naked eyes.

  3. Sep 21, 2017. Just ask our chatbot. A chatbot is a computer program that you can interact with through texting or messaging. Our bot, a companion to our podcast series about "The Wall," is designed to receive your basic requests and reply to you with photos, videos and stories from the report. For example, send it the.

  4. Jul 20, 2017. The SMS chatbot works similar to sending a text message to a friend. The chat bot will text art directly to you once you send a request.

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