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This came over from the trams in the 1930’s and continued well into the 1960’s.Anyone aware of anywhere else where this was done please?09/02/18 John Bull (Tideswell) Does anyone remember a coach operator by the name of John Bull hailing from, if my memory serves me correctly, Tideswell, Derbyshire?Around 1970, I was given, out of the blue, the rare opportunity to co-drive what may have been a Tiger Cub with Duple body of the John Bull fleet.Nothing rare about that, you may say, except that the trip was to the South of France with a party of Manchester University lecturers.My enduring memory of the drive relates to the Heath Robinson means of engaging overdrive via a domestic light switch which swung around below the steering wheel on the end of a piece of braided flex. David Cooper Neville Mercer’s book Super Prestige 38 gives a good account of this operator which later became G W Bull, selling to White’s of Calver on the death of Mr G Bull senior in 1988.Welcome to western antiques and collectibles where quality vintage knifes, authentic old west conchos, antique cowboy leather goods, vintage saddles, old black powder rifles and many other items will be offered for sale as they come into stock at Cochise Leather Company.

Here is a link to view my fleet list The 1971/72 edition of the "Little Red Book" gives Bull as owning 3 Bedfords, 1 AEC and 1 Ford Transit. I cannot trace a Bristol LHL registered OXB399H, unless it was an import from Ireland that was re-registered. It certainly seems to be 1970ish registration and XB is London. Why would anyone with an NI registration change it unless it was "distinctive" and valuable. Why register it in London when it resided in Derbyshire? Were there any of these coaches ever registered in the Irish Republic? 25/01/18 Coloured Destination Blinds Barrow CT used coloured destination blinds (red, yellow, blue and green as well as normal black/white).But then I thought you can see them everywhere anyway.Hell myspace and facebook have loads of dating sites.) A few years ago I did a short piece on the blog about the history of chaps.Then recently I connected via email with a biker leather shop in western Iowa called Leather & Hawgs, and thought that perhaps they would be good folks to offer up some tips on how to properly fit a pair of chaps.So if your looking for a date or something more, check out the girls in the right sidebar under where it says “hot babes! If you have a question you would like an answer to please get in touch and I will put it on this page.Most of these items are one of a kind and we may not be able to obtain another one like it. Actually I should amend that to say, I love chaps on other people.It shows real profiles of ladies in your area looking for dates or,, uh,, more!I was not sure if I should put a dating site on this website of mine.


  1. Ladies High Noon Leather Motorcycle Riding Horse Chaps. old vintage antique western cowboy leather roping/branding chaps in nice. vintage dating from the.

  2. Passion action, to leather dating film world. Wary individuals want chaps leather motorcycle western dating believe the best way is think.

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  4. Then recently I connected via email with a biker leather shop in western Iowa. 3 Responses to “How to properly fit a pair of chaps. Kitten On A Motorcycle.

  5. I need new chaps, which pair of chaps is better. The leather ones are biker chaps, so for motorcycle riding. The other ones are western chaps.

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