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Books single parenting and dating Anonymous adult personals

Their relationship is challenged when the mission’s timeline is suddenly accelerated.Will Ana choose to put the universe between herself and Jolie, or will she take a chance on the one person who can keep her on Earth?The company she founded is going broke, her grandmother’s dementia is worsening, and her attraction to Kade—her difficult, brilliant, charismatic mentor—is growing.Kade’s desire to keep things professional between them is in Jen’s best interest. Charming biochemist Ana Mitchell has a lot on her mind—she’s about to leave on a covert mission to colonize Mars.

His loss leaves Cain devastated, and she does her best to keep the business together, but his loss has left her adrift and hungry for revenge.

When the widowed owner of the wine bar Vineyard decides she wants to take some time off and travel abroad, she leaves her business in the very capable hands of the two women she trusts most: her daughter Piper and Vineyard's general manager, Lindsay. She’s thrilled when her boss leaves her in charge (well, half charge) and tells her to feel free to make changes.

Lindsay has tons of ideas that she's been dying to put into action, and this is her big chance to increase the success of the business and prove she’s more than ready to run things solo.

She enlists local art student Jolie Dann to keep her high-tech farmhouse in order while she’s at training camp.

Jolie soon finds herself falling for the secretive and fascinating Ana, despite knowing she may never return home.


  1. Healthy Living Despite clean bill of health from two pediatricians, Lindsey Moynihan knew that her son’s health was in jeopardy. Read more

  2. Single Parenting. Affiliate Disclosure. This book is a classic for singles and was previously published under the title God's Call to the Single Adult. Dating.

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