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Jessie Davis and her family attended a racially mixed church; she was raised to love everyone and that meant all colors; she had done church work in Africa.She was not someone who was going to reject a man out of hand because he was a different race; to her, he was the face of what was familiar and good to her.Bobby Cutts, on the face of it, at the time Jessie Davis met him, presented himself as a good man, family man, hard worker, respected position of a law enforcement member, and a seperated man whose marriage was sadly over and all but the legal papers done.He presented himself as a caring father, and he did lots of volunteer coaching and working with kids when not working at his respectable job.Maybe a little time with him was all she needed and wanted, and she never saw the danger coming.Janice my gift to you is---------- Download ie Spell 2.5.1 Build 106 - ie Spell - a free Internet ..pops up a dialog, similar to the MS Word spell check.She didn't seem to have put demands on his time and presence - she had a life of her own and didn't REQUIRE him to be everything to him, as many young women do.She had her work; she had her family; she had her little child, and her days were probably quite full.

If marriage wasn't high on her list, for whatever reason, but having children while she was young and ready for them was, then perhaps at that point she wasn't overly bothered.That doesn't stop you from wanting children and companionship.She may have been content with an exclusive relationship with a man she thought to be a reliable, steady, desirable guy.IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT JESSE WAS, WE DO KNOW SHE WAS A GOOD MOTHER AND I BELIEVE DEEPLY IN LOVE. He's as guilty as sin, and I have a right to express such.SHE WAS WRONG BUT SHE DID NOT DESERVE TO BE MURDERED.. Yes he'll get his due process, but let's not play games here. I'm saying we all have choices, and responsibilities that we make and choose.Do you think that she dating two murderers is scary? Later she has another child with Kemp and drops charges of bodily harm against Kemp.She was in Wrestlemania xx a paid preview show which Benoit was in. From veiwing the size of Kemp and the size of Cutts I do not know how she could have been in any physical danger by a door being broken in.Well, I don't think it took long for most people to see through Her.... Nor did you hear anything so drastic about Chris Benoit, or Chris Vaughn who around the same times, had committed just as senseless, and horrible murders, on wives and Children! I remember reading several other cases from the past (check your computers for this info) where White cops, have had affiars, while being married, and killed their pregnant girlfriends, or ( even molested innocent little girls, at their sick pleasure) to either keep them quit, or get rid of the baby they were carrying. this was a second child by one police officer by the same "young" girl...(I can't remember what state this happened in, but I saw the report on Court TV, forsenic files..... ) However, I don't remember hearing about it in the news when it happened.So, what made the Jessie Davis Story so sensationalized, dramatized, and scrutinized in the media? Seems it was very hushed, hushed, because this was suppose to be an officer of the Law.... Removing one breeding mudshark and her demon offspring.Precisely how does that square with your idealized take on the word of God?Unfortunately, like statistics, the Bible as well as all religious tracts can be (and frequently are) bent to fit the speaker's needs.


  1. Authorities believe Ohio resident Bobby Cutts Jr. killed. That was Bobby." Another high school friend of Cutts. presented himself as single on a dating Web site.

  2. Raising Blake Patty Porter fosters father-son relationship. Bobby Cutts Jr. his eyes drawn to the years dating birth and death.

  3. Dating / relationship history for Bobby Cutts. View ShagTree to see all hookups.

  4. Disappearance and murder of Jessie Davis From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Redirected from Bobby Cutts, Jr. Jump to

  5. Do you think that she dating two murderers is scary? Well, I don't think it took long for most people to see through Her. Bobby Cutts, Jr.

  6. Bobby Cutts Jr - He Da Man. Started. His profile on a dating site says he's. Canton'd better start saving for that fence it'll need around the perimeter when.

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