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Benefits of consolidating active directory domains

A move to the cloud requires Azure AD and Azure AD requires a modernized, on-premises AD.

Failing this modernization, the complexities of integrating into Azure AD grow and the benefits of Office 365 shrink.

Of course, if you miss something, users will not be able to log in, or find their file shares, or access applications.

No pressure.”“You fight proliferation of AD at every turn and realize that consolidation is not a onetime event.

Increase the security and reliability of your project by taking advantage of a “test mode” to verify the accuracy and security of your migration plan.

Then optimize your post-migration environment, preserving passwords and removing source accounts and related references.

At times, this can feel like spring cleaning at the Aegean stables.

Quest solutions for directory consolidations, AD-Exchange synchronization and migrations smooth the inevitable rough edges and relieve stress when melding IT infrastructures, reducing enterprise directories and migrating AD or Windows file server data to Microsoft’s latest platforms.

Maintain maximum uptime and prevent productivity losses due to human error or hardware/software failures.

Migration Manager for Active Directory (AD) is the Zero IMPACT solution to mitigate the risk of consolidating and restructuring your AD.

Simplify your migration and ensure that users maintain secure access to workstations, resources and email throughout the entire project.


  1. IDEAL Migration automates your Windows NT and Active Directory domain consolidation and migration. You are. Software Benefits. Its features and compatibility with Active Directory, the fact that it doesn't need a trusted relationship between your domains or that your servers are online to do a migration, make it one of the.

  2. Jul 18, 2013. Way explained "We chose this solution as the benefits were threefold. It allowed us to deliver the Active Directory migration within our tight deadline without data loss and disruption to the majority of users; improve security levels and comply with industry regulations; and provide ongoing management.

  3. Sep 27, 2012. “The allure of a single AD forest with a simple domain design is not fool's gold. There are real benefits to be found in a consolidated AD environment. Offering a multi-step strategy toward a CLEAN domain consolidation, STEALTHbits' Active Directory Unification solutions assess which objects should or.

  4. Migration Manager for Active Directory AD is the ZeroIMPACT solution to mitigate the risk of consolidating and restructuring your AD. Simplify your migration and. Control any migration scenario, from simple Active Directory improvements to a complete restructuring of your entire domain. You'll also be able to easily mirror.

  5. Jun 27, 2003. For example, you could own five separate DNS namespaces and instead decide to create an Active Directory structure based on a new namespace that is contiguous throughout your organization. Consolidating your Active Directory under this single domain could simplify the logical structure of your.

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