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Many people were killed during the Second World War, and some managed to escape.

Because Tanya’s parents went to England, they survived. In 1993 she left England for Cologne (Germany) and started to make art about Holocaust and the way Germany today relates to its own history.

Laurel is used to working site-specifically and wants to wait until they meet and have a chance to see the gallery before they make decisions about how to spend their week.

When Laurel talks about Tanya, she does it in a very diplomatic tone.

During the last five years she has made a number of art performances of which at least six are documented on video. In ’Lick’, Laurel lies on her stomach for seven hours without a break, licking every tile in a six meter wide and 40 meter long tile-covered corridor in the college where she was studying at the time of the performance. I ask her: What made you make a profile on wooloo.org?For over a decade, we’ve exhibited our social sculptures at a wealth of art institutions and biennials including Artists Space, Manifesta 8, Van Abbbemusuem, Athens Biennial, and the 55th Venice Biennial among many others.We're currently based out of an old chocolate factory in Copenhagen, Denmark, and focus all our time on the social sculpture that is Human Hotel.I was waiting to collaborate, but it still seems like she wants her ideas to exist, and then whatever my ideas are, whatever.You know, do it or not.” Tanya wants to show a lengthy video of her work at the opening, and insists that the light be turned off in the gallery while the film is on. Laurel: ”When I think of video at an opening I think a film on a loop that you can pay attention to or not, but she (Tanya) really wants people to concentrate for half an hour, so then I thought that we might lose people, because that’s not going to be expected.I liked the idea that the wooloo-guys were reaching towards an international community.So I set up my account, I was really honest in my application, I said, I’ve always been very skilled at art and the business behind it, I’m organized, I’m ambitious, I always had good luck with work. During the two months preceding the opening she and Tanya have been in frequent contact via email.I do feel a little like I’m giving in, but I think I felt that all along and didn’t mind.” Laurel and me walk down to the gallery.She is going to hang part of her and Tanya’s 150 pages email correspondance on the wall before the opening. Tanya Ury was born in England as the child of German-Jewish parents. The profile should state the artist’s gender, age, artistic means of expression, and sexual orientation. The biggest reward, however, for participating in the avant-garde dating project was to be chosen to come to Berlin and live, sleep, eat, and make art with one’s partner for a week in New Life Shop. They are Tanya Ury (56) from Germany and Laurel Jay Carpenter (39) from the US. The only condition for participating in the project was that each artist make a profile on Two artists were chosen and invited to come to Berlin.


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  2. Red Woman, 40° Phi Live Art in the Parks, NYC. 2007. First, Kiss, The 52nd Biennale of Venice, “Body & Eros,” Teatro alle Tese, Arsenale, Venice, Italy Curated by Marina Abramovic. Avant Garde Dating, a full-week, partnered performance/residency; Wooloo Productions, Berlin, Germany Curated by Tanja Ostojic.

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  4. A Laborious Romance; Avant-garde dating. Two women meet. One week. A gallery. Berlin. Powerlessness. Frustration. Art. And departure. Those are the ingredients in the following story. It is about a date that went well and turned sour.

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