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Amber heard dating woman

Or I could not let go and own it.” Heard, who previously married Johnny Depp, finalized her divorce from the actor earlier this year.

But before her rocky marriage became highly publicized, Heard was dealing with a different kind of unwanted attention over her sexuality. It served a function as an umbrella for marginalized people to whom rights were being denied, but it loses its efficacy because of the nuanced nature of humanity.

The 'Paranoia' star, who came out as bisexual in 2010 and has been dating the 'Lone Ranger' star, 50 since his split from Vanessa Paradis after 14 years together in June 2012, admits she has no idea what the future holds for her love life.

The 27-year-old actress told net.a.porter.com's digital magazine The Edit: ''I have had relationships, successful relationships, with men, and I had a great relationship with a wonderful woman.''I will never beg for an easy classification or label for that moment in my life, or assume to know what the future holds for me.''I have always been and always will be just who I am and I will never fake anything for anyone.''Amber previously dated photographer Tasya van Ree but they split around the same time she fell for her 'The Rum Diary' co-star.

It hurts to have that happen, like we’re giving conservative bigots more reason to say, “See? I’m proud to be on the right side of history and I can do nothing more than encourage people to look at their lives and ask ‘What side of history am I on?

Am I doing the right thing or am I doing the wrong thing?

Justice is not as nuanced or delicate as it’s made out to be.

I [was] holding her hand, and I realized that I have two options: I can let go of her hand and, when asked about it, I can say that my private life is my private life. “It was a great shield, but now we’re stuck behind it.

Although she’s been acting since 2004, her star has risen considerably since then, and not just because of her beau.

At 28, Amber has starred in NBC’s with her new husband.

She found someone she loved, and wanted to marry them—and it was a man.

Had she decided to marry a woman, like ex-girlfriend Tasya Van Ree, we’d undoubtedly be championing her while greater straight society called her a huge loss; too “beautiful” to be gay.


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