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Massively’s most recent post with the highest amount of comments involves how MMOs treat women.

While I have come down on the other side of this particular argument, that’s not the point of this post. Syp’s little rant inspired a rant that has been building in me for a long time, and it’s similar in tone.

Here’s the cringe-inducing “Sexy/Sassy/Mature” one: (suggestive, not safe for work) It made me wince.

With the rise in popularity in Japanese anime has come a rise in the popularity of its sexual dark side, and while I have little to no idea of the real numbers behind it, I think it’s influence can’t be ignored.

Lolicon is the otaku’s (the fan’s) fetishization and sexualization of underage girls.

It’s related to the concept of Moe but not always a part of it.

The anonymous and semi-anon image boards like danbooru, sankaku complex, and the /chan boards are part of what drives it.

Also driving it is the release stateside of many borderline if not outright lolicon works, like Gunslinger Girl or Strike Witches by localizating mainstream corporations like Funimation.


  1. If you liked the Ai Yori Aoshi manga, Anime-Planet thinks you'd like these manga. while he knows exactly how to get the result he wants in dating sim games.

  2. Ai Yori Aoshi Suatu hari. dating sim 6 mystery 6 science fiction 6 rape 5 Military 4 jast 4. Harajuku Dating Paradise.

  3. Ai Yori Aoshi Synopsis see original review Review. Never before in my brief reviewing career has it been so hard to come up with a star ranking for a title, ever.

  4. Ai Yori AoshiOne day. Click on a thumbnail to see more pictures for Ai Yori Aoshi. description. This is a dating-sim style interactive game for standard.

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