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Advice for women about dating a friend

So if you really want your relationship to work out, just keep one piece of advice in mind. But almost always, the relationship stagnates because you and your lover have started to take the relationship for granted.

[Read: 25 relationship rules for a successful long term relationship] 23 relationship tips for a better love life If you’re looking for relationship advice for women, just keep these 23 tips in mind.

Instead of giving up on him, show him the way by example, and he’ll learn to treat you with respect.

[Read: Examples to get your man to treat you like a lady] #4 Listen to his point of view before arguing back or cutting across him.

It’s the easiest way to prevent tempers from rising. #5 You can’t change someone who doesn’t want to be changed.

Help your man understand you better and help him learn by example.

But truth be told, the silent treatment won’t make him stop hurting you, it’s only make him a better liar!

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But if you’re in a committed relationship, read on, because these must-know relationship advice could help you, and it really could change your life for the better.

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] #3 Not all men understand the art of chivalry, romantic gestures and romance.

It’ll help you experience better relationships and have a better love life too! Playfulness is the one thing that holds a happy relationship together more than anything else.

Just because you’re past your childhood doesn’t mean you should act all grown up all the time!


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