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Mom should have owned stock in sheet protector manufacturing companies.Recently I told my husband that I can foresee the end of using large quantities of sheet protectors.To complicate the situation, she created a new family group sheet every time she worked on the family.I find photocopies of the same obituaries in multiple places.Problems: 1) Mom only documented some of her sources and 2) she had difficulty organizing the information she found.For the most part she used the notebook method, but I’ve found multiple notebooks on the same surname, with much of the same information.

And, they have notebooks with clippings of birth announcements and other notebooks of obituary clippings and cemetery indexes.I hope I’ll live long enough to get these files scanned and the data entered into computer software. Every step takes me closer to leaving something meaningful for future generations. Another location with hidden genealogy treasures: Special Collections Department Council Bluffs Public Library 400 Willow Avenue Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503 Phone: 712-323-7553 Website: Since the Special Collections Manager was going to be out of the library the day of my visit, she had arranged for Marlys Lien, The Adult Services Manager, to met me.Marlys, then, introduced me to Jo Weis, who is very familiar with the genealogy collection in the Special Collections area (and is also active in the Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society which operates the Frontier Heritage Library). And the roll has gained such momentum that I want to work on it during nearly every spare moment! I’ve tried to explain previously the enormity of the project I am facing; only my husband really knows. My mother was typical of many (perhaps most) genealogists.She loved to do research and she did a considerable amount.The Avoca court house was built in 1885, the building was placed on the National Register in 1982 and is now a museum.The goal of the society is to “furnish a One-Stop Research Center for all information on Pottawattamie County.” After the county records were microfilmed, the originals went to the dumpster due to lack of storage space. As a result this library has many original records: marriage and death records, will books, probate packets and probate books, insanity records, divorce records, law and equity books, district court books, guardian bond books, delinquent real estate tax lists, court calendar books, juvenile court records and more. In addition, they have all of the original records from the Avoca court house.I’m filing everything from Mom’s binders and boxes of loose papers into hanging folders in my file drawers. ” Why shouldn’t I just enter everything directly into a computer program? However, I concluded that it is easier to get all of the information sorted using a filing system, first.That way when I enter someone into computer software, I’ll have everything that I know about that person in hand and won’t have to keep flipping from one person to another.As I’ve worked on the materials, I’ve realized that my mother was overwhelmed!Filing has never been my favorite activity, but I’ve been spending hours doing just that, and sort of enjoying it.


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