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Hospitals include the Veteran's Hospital in Sainte-Anne's and the Lakeshore General Hospital in Pointe-Claire.Municipalities range in character from the modern bedroom communities of Kirkland or Dollard-des-Ormeaux to the former cottage-country homes of Dorval, Pointe Claire and Beaconsfield.The West Island's population is approximately 234,000 and although the overwhelming majority of its residents are today bilingual if not multi-lingual (given the cosmopolitan nature of this vast suburban area), anglophones still make up a plurality of the West Island's population.Given its population, the West Island is similar in size to Windsor, Kitchener, Longueuil, Saskatoon, Burnaby or Regina.This is in large part due to similarities in personal income, design of the communities, services available (and shared), quality of life and economic engines supporting the population as well as the bilingual characteristic of the population.

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Walden, Spectral Analysis for Physical Applications (Cambridge University, 1998).

This manifests itself as a brighter PSF core outside the central obscuration in a science image.

Rockosi, “Progress towards wind predictive control on Shane AO: Test bench results,” Proc.

Veran, “On-sky performance during verification and commissioning of the Gemini Planet Imager’s adaptive optics system,” Proc.


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